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PROVICI Cosmetics

 214 McDermot Ave.

 Winnipeg, MB
 Tel 204.957.1544

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PROVICI Studio: Open Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 6:00 pm.  Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday unless for booked appointments. 

PROVICI WebStore: 24/7- We're open right now!


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Our Promise

  • No animal testing
  • We use recyclable containers & minimal packaging
  • Our formulations provide natural benefits

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THE PROVICI MISSION: to bring out your inner celebrity!

While physically this is done externally to your look, our clients experience an internal change - an excitement, a freedom and revitalization.

Check out a recent client's transformation below, and see a gallery of before/after pics here.

Cynthia came to us for a makeover before attending a company event.


Cynthia - before PROVICI

 After PROVICI released her inner celebrity:

Cynthia - After PROVICI
Want to experience what your Inner Celebrity feels like?  Call us today to make an appointement.

PROVICI Makeup Tips

Killer Cheekbones

In order to give the illusion of defined cheek bones you must use two shades darker than your skin tone. First make a fish face and apply PROVICI'S Bronzelite Bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks. Second, smile and brush the high lighter from the apples of your cheeks all the way to your temples. Third, give yourself a kiss in the mirror and you’re good to go. The contrasting tones help to define the cheek bone shape.

Getting Ready Quick!

Not enough time to do a quick touch up?  Have no fear because you can always spice up your look with any of PROVICI'S bold lip colours! Take Provici’s, Black Bubbly Lip Stain for a test drive when you are in the fast lane. This gives you the chance to change your day look to night look and it’s easy to do at a red light on the way to the restaurant from work. 

Larger Eyes

A tip for opening up your eyes, especially if you have lashes that don't have a natural curl to them is to use an eye lash curler. Place the lash curler at the roots of your lashes, then slowly "walk" it out to the tips while gently pumping the curler. Another good tip is to tilt your wrist upwards while doing this. Then just finish off with mascara.

You'll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes for your eyes.  Try using PROVICI'S Lush Black Mascara for thickening and lengthening.

A Smaller Forehead

If you think you have a larger forehead and don't want to get bangs there is something you can do to give the illusion of a smaller forehead.

You will want to reach for a matte bronzer - try PROVICI'S Bronzelite Bronzer. Apply the bronzer along the hairline to create the illusion of a shadow. You want to swirl the brush in the bronzer, and tap off any excess to keep the shade light and natural, and swirl in light circles for blending.

Perfect Pout

For the prettiest finish for your lips, run a damp toothbrush over your lips to exfoliate any dry skin. Post-scrub, lipstick will glide on without caking. Really good trick especially when the cold weather comes. 

Look Luminous

Every face has natural shadows, and you'll look better if you brighten them. To find the shady spots just smile at yourself in the mirror. You'll see darker areas like your cupid's bow, under your bottom lip, around the corners of your nose and at the inner corners of your eyes.

To lighten those areas, dab on concealer in one shade lighter than your everyday concealer, set it with powder and then go over those areas with a matte cream eye shadow for extra brightening.

Outsmart your Mascara

Want to use waterproof mascara but hate wrestling to remove it? Apply a coat of regular mascara first, then top it with waterproof. This way the waterproof formula locks onto the other mascara instead of your lashes, so it comes off more easily.  Try using PROVICI'S Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mascara.

Lipstick Bleeding #1

If you want to prevent your lipstick from bleeding, or if you have fine lines around your lips, coat your lips going slightly outside the lip line with a clear balm like plain ChapStick before applying the lipstick. It works like invisible spackle.

Lipstick Bleeding #2

Another tip for lipstick bleeding is to outline your lips with concealer to act as a barrier. Try using PROVICI'S Concealer enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E.

Testing Lipstick

What most of us do when looking to try a new lipstick is we swipe the color on the back of our hand to see if it flatters. A better way to tell is to test the lipstick on your fingertip. By doing this you can hold the color next to your face to see how it looks. No mirror? Your finger is still a better gauge, since it's closer in color and texture to your lips than the back of your hand.

Click "Like PROVICI on Facebook" to see our makeup tips and specials daily. 

Halloween - the Easy Way

Active Image

Active Image

Do you want to look spooktacular for halloween?  Do you want a trick AND a treat? 

There are many places to find great costume ideas, but why settle when it comes to your face?  Don't even consider a hiding behind a sweaty mask.

Active ImageLet us make it easy - have PROVICI do your makeup.  Design a scary look to go with your costume using your face and our makeup!  You'll be the hit of the party. 

From Sleeping Beauty, to yesterday's road-kill, we can give you a one-of-a-kind look.

Do you have a look in mind?  Email a photo of how you'd like to look to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with your contact info and we'll collaborate on making you look spookilicious. 

Mention this post and get eyelashes for 50% off. 

Happy Halloween!


Our Store is Open!
left arrowCheck out our PROVICI Cosmetics Specials and the exciting new cosmetic products in our WebStore, right there, on your left.  Right?
PROVICI EXCLUSIVE: Tips for the Eyes

Do you have small eyes?  Make them pop with the magic of makeup!  Here are a few tips to help you with your eyes.

PROVICI TIP # 1: Groom Your Brows - Our first tip is not even makeup: keep those eyebrows well groomed to help open your eyes even more.  Even without any makeup, eyes look instantly wider when they're framed Active Imageby well groomed brows.  See a professional for the perfect plucking, or try it yourself by using tweezers to remove any stray hairs under the arch of your brow. Fill in sparse spots with brow powder using an angle brush.

PROVICI TIP # 2: Avoid Dark - You will also want to use light colors on your eyes.  Dark shadow shades make small eyes look even littler. Instead, brighten things up with light colors such as bone, taupe and heather.  Soft fun colors, soft greys and soft white are good choices for all skin tones. For liner, go with a deeper tone, but avoid a thick line of black or charcoal, which can actually appear to close the eye.

PROVICI TIP # 3: Shimmer Shimmer - Another shadow trick: use a shimmery formula which reflects light and makes eyes pop. Pick a shadow with a subtle glimmer, but avoid very heavy frosts as they tend to settle into fine lines. 

PROVICI TIP # 4: Girl Curl - Curled lashes are the secret weapon to opening up eyes. Even using natural false eyelashes can really open up the eyes.

ART:UNLEASHED ... the fashion show

Active Image

Active Image Paperdoll Clothing and PROVICI Cosmetics presented ART:UNLEASHED a fashion show in support of the Wpg Humane Society on May 9, 2014. The event was held at Brooklyn's Bistro / Boa Lounge in the Exchange District.

This amazing fashion show featured the latest styles from Paperdoll Clothing, Lennard Taylor and Aldo Formal Wear.

Accessories were presented by Vintage Bling and head ware by The Habadashery Gals and Guys. Models were from Panache Management. And of course, amazing makeup was done by PROVICI Cosmetics.

The event also featured a wonderful performance by singer/songwriter Terence Martell and his band. Dancing and fun till 2am to the tunes of DJ Electric Kitten completed a packed Friday night!

Click "Read More" for a photo gallery.

Fab, Fit and Fierce!

Active ImageWhen you come to PROVICI, we vow to add sparkle to your amazing shine. 

Our loyal, dedicated and determined client Tania Wiebe, wore our #48 lashes, new Rose Gold blush and our Micro Bronze Lipstick. 

Body beautiful Wiebe competed in the 2014 MABBA Provincial qualifier and  won 2nd place in the Figure Med-Tall category and was the 1st place WINNER in the Figure Grand Master category.  Congratulations!!!  You go girl!!!
Team PROVICI was thrilled to prime and primp Tania's hair and makeup for her spotlight moment and award winning poses. 

Keep an eye out for this foxy fierce lady's next PROVICI look as she moves on to the next level of competition, the 2014 MABBA Provincial Championship.

Work it Tania!  WORK IT!!! :)

The Health Report

Active Image

A production of St-Boniface Hospital Foundation, The Health Report is a one-hour talk radio program on CJOB each Sunday morning. It features commentary from some of Manitoba's top medical professionals. The Health Report is hosted by Chuck LaFlèche, President and CEO of St-Boniface Hospital Foundation, and Greg Mackling.

Active ImageOn a recent show, their in-studio guest was Tia Provici. Tia talked about her battle with congestive heart failure and the amazing job done by the Heart Failure Clinic at the St. Boniface Hospital.

Joining in by telephone was Tia's amazing cardiologist Dr. Shelley ZierothTia credited Dr. Zieroth and her team with saving her life and that of countless other heart failure patients.

Dr. Zieroth talked about some of the leading research done at the Heart Failure Clinic and thanked Tia for her enthusiastic support.

Barely-there Make up

Achieving that natural “cover girl” makeup appearance is the look we all would like to perfect, especially for those days when we are rushing in the morning.  If you don’t know how to achieve that natural everyday look, we will teach you what to use and how to apply it.

You can still wear foundation, mascara and blush. The key to natural-looking makeup, is flawless glowing skin, and to highlight your best features. 

Active Image
Active Image
 Before After

Our guide to the Barely-There look:

Active Image
Step 1: Even your skin tone
Using Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation and a Foundation Brush, apply using small strokes all over the face..
 Active ImageStep 2: Reduce shine
Once your foundation is applied you will want to set lightly with Provici’s Mineral Powder Foundation to help the foundation last all day and reduce shine in the t-zone.
Oscar Fashion Winners/Losers

Active ImageThe morning after the 86th Academy Awards show, Tia was on CTV Morning Live to reveal her picks for the fashion best and worst... but in Tia fashion we'll not say "worst", rather those "needing 911 EMERGENCY Style Advice."
Among the the 911 Emergency Style list was, Roman toga-wearing Penelope Cruz, pajama partying Liza Manelli and "what the heck was she thinkin?!?" Whoopi Goldberg

Having chuckled over the fashion 911 celebs, Eleanor Coopsammy asked Tia about the bright lights on the red carpet.  Lupita Nyongo, Charlese Theron, and Jennifer Lawrence stood out from the crowd with their fashion-forward dresses.  Kate Blanchette taking the honour of most beautiful gown for "Ala nude inspired" - the trend for this season.
Active ImageAfter the fun segment shoot, Tia quickly chatted with Terri Apostle in front of the green screen, until they heard, "5-4-3..." so Tia bounded off-set.  Not even 8:00 a.m. -- a good day to stop at Stella's!

Attending the Juno's? 'Juno-how' to do makeup? If you need makeup artistry or fashion advice, get help from Tia.  Remember she's based in Winnipeg and happy to unleash your maximum best.

PROVICI Magic ... Before and After

Some say it's magic!  We call it makeup artistry. Either way, the results can be dramatic. 

To give you an idea of the amazing transformations some of our clients go through, we want to feature some before and after pics.  These are not professional images.  They are iPhone shots, taken by our artists before working on a client and then again after doing makeup and possibly hair.  Click on the after shot for a closer look.

Remember ... this could be you!  Give us a call today and be amazed at your own "after PROVICI" look!

   Active Image   Active Image
Katerina volunteered for an article in the Filipino Journal on "Barely-there" make up, the natural everyday look.  Check out our step-by-step how-to guide on this look.
 Active ImageActive Image
Linda, a long-time PROVICI client, brought her daughter Talynne in for a special event and the young lady walked out glowing!
 Active ImageActive Image
 Active ImageActive Image
Bettina is a regular PROVICI customer and kindly volunteered for the pictures to accompany an article on "Soft Glowing Skin."
 Active ImageActive Image
 Active ImageActive Image
Jill volunteered for a hair and makeup make-over for one of Tia Provici's articles in Filipino Journal - she walked out of the studio beaming!

Active Image
Active Image

 Active ImageActive Image
Jeddahlyn came in for a make-over for a Filipino Journal article on Bridal Beauty.  If you want to see the step-by-step transformation, click here
Active Image Active Image Shari came in to model for a Filipino Journal "how-to" article and we gave her the full hair and makeup treatment for an outstanding look!  Click here for detailed instructions on the techniques and PROVICI products used.
Active Image
Active Image
Andrea came in for a birthday make over, and was estatic with the results -- what do you think?
  Active Image A close-up of Andrea's stunning eyes
Active Image
Active Image
Our good friend Danda, a Vancouver import into the Exchange District, came in for hair and makeup.  Wow!

We should mention that we ask clients to come in without makeup on, so the "before" pics are not representative of what our clients look like on a non-PROVICI day!

But what about the next day?  Well, when doing our work, we do give tips and some instruction.  And of course, all the products we use are from our exclusive PROVICI line, and are available for purchase so you can continue to look fabulous!

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